Newtown Crowdsourcing Project Seeks Volunteers

David Pugh’s Photographic Collection

Do you enjoy looking at old photographs? Are you interested in Newtown’s history and its people?

People’s Collection Wales is looking for online volunteers to enrich David Pugh’s (1942–2017) photographic collection of Newtown.

Historical Photo of Newtown

© Newtown Local History Group

David Pugh was one of Newtown’s most significant chroniclers. He was passionate about passing on the history, stories and knowledge of Newtown and its people to future generations. As a keen photographer, David recording the changing face of Newtown over the decades, as well as bringing together historical photographs which tell the story of the town’s development and its industrial heritage. A collection of nearly 5,000 photographic prints were donated to Newtown Library by Anna Pugh, and these were then digitised by Library volunteers using equipment loaned by the People’s Collection Wales.

Historical image of Woolworths in Newtown Powys

Photographer: David Pugh

© Newtown Library

Now People’s Collection Wales is working with Newtown Library to recruit online volunteers to enrich David Pugh’s photographs with titles, descriptions and dates using the National Library of Wales’ crowdsourcing platform. Once these images have been enhanced with essential metadata, they will be published to the People’s Collection Wales website where they will be made available for everyone to enjoy. 

Historical Newtown photograph of children gathering

© Newtown Local History Group

To contribute to this exciting project and help ensure that this recorded history of Newtown is not lost, please visit the crowdsourcing website, or watch this short introductory video about the project.

Historical photo of Newtown flooding

© Newtown Local History Group

People’s Collection Wales can provide support and advice about using the crowdsourcing website and answer any enquiries that you may have about the project. Send them an email:

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