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Scroll down the page to also find access to a selection of reference resources about Wales, free newspaper archives and and family history resources.


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We offer full colour, digital copies of your favourite magazines for your enjoyment, online for free!

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eBooks and eAudiobooks

Download to read and listen to a wide collection of popular eBooks and eAudiobooks, wherever you are.


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Family History

Find out how to use a local library or archive service to research your family history online.

Family history


Theory Test Pro

Revise for your theory driving test on Theory Test Pro, either online in the library or from home, for free!

Theory Test Pro

NLW Resources

National Library of Wales Online Resources

Browse the online resources that are available remotely.

NLW resources


Digital Newspapers

Access hundreds of newspapers from across the centuries.



Looking for reference resources about Wales?

We’ve put together a list of the best places to access reference resources about Wales.

Welsh reference

Reference Resources

UK Reference Resources

A selection of some of the main online reference resources in the UK.

UK Reference

People's Collection Wales

People's Collection Wales

People's Collection Wales is a free website dedicated to bringing together Wales's heritage. The Collection is full of fascinating photographs, documents, audio and video recordings and stories that link to the history, culture and people of Wales.

People's Collection Wales
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