Welsh references resources

We’ve put together a list of the best places to access reference resources about Wales.

This website contains over five thousand concise biographies of Welsh people who have made a significant contribution to national life, whether in Wales or more widely.

Dictionary of Welsh Biography

GPC is the only standard historical dictionary of the Welsh language. It presents the vocabulary of the Welsh language from the earliest Old Welsh texts, through the abundant literature of the Medieval and Modern periods, to the huge expansion in vocabulary resulting from the wider use of Welsh in all aspects of life in the last half century.

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru

In 2007 the Welsh Language Board obtained a licence to publish a digital version of the Dictionary, to ensure that this important resource is easily accessible to people who speak, read and write the Welsh language daily and to show the richness of the language to those who are learning it.

The Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary Online

Hwb hosts a national collection of digital resources to support learning and teaching for learners aged 3 to 19 in Wales which will be known as the National Digital Content Repository.


Sponsored by the the Welsh Government,the Termiadur Addysg provides standardized terminology for the field of education.

These are the terms to be used in Welsh medium exams and assessments and in resources of all kinds for teachers and students.

Y Termiadur Addysg

Wicipedia is the Welsh language edition of Wikepedia. This edition was started in July 2003.  In September 2014 it reached 60,000 articles and is now the 63rd largest Wikipedia edition. It is the only internet resource of its kind in Welsh, has an average of 2.7 million hits every month making it the most popular Welsh language website; it therefore has an important place in Welsh language online culture.