Take Part in Booktrust Cymru’s Big Welsh Rhyme Time!

The Big Welsh Rhyme Time will take place from Monday 8th – Friday 12th February!

This year, BookTrust Cymru are inviting children in Foundation Phase to take part in the rhyming fun, too! If you work with children aged 0-7 you can join in the fun by holding your own Big Welsh Rhyme Time either in your school, your setting, at home or online.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Rhymes and songs are a common feature of childhood – whether that’s traditional nursery rhymes, silly songs, simple poems or things you’ve made up on the spot! Why not spend time this week week celebrating rhymes and songs and all the benefits that they have for children?

Sharing rhymes can help children to become good listeners and build their confidence to join in, as well as helping them to develop listening and attention skills and learn some great vocabulary. Most importantly, sharing rhymes and songs is fun, easy and can be done anywhere!

What is happening this year?

There will be special Big Welsh Rhyme Time events in libraries, nurseries, schools and online across Wales. BookTrust Cymru will also be giving out over 20,000 specially designed stickers and certificates to children sharing rhymes during this week!

They will be posting lots of fun, exciting and exclusive Twitter and Facebook content throughout the week, along with website content including videos, songs, and tips for rhyming.

Special new rhymes and songs have been commissioned from artists from across Wales, including Laura Bradshaw, Joseph Gnagbo and Sean Chambers, so don’t forget to listen out for these throughout the week!

Nursery rhyme Head Shoulders Knees and bum

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