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Cardiff University Libraries

Judge’s Comments: A near perfect entry here.  Well planned, executed and detailed SMART objectives.  I would highlight the use of the campaign to collect data as well as deliver a marketing message as being an illustration of good practice – the insight from others to enhance our best practice is also to be welcomed… don’t re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to! So big objectives on a little budget – most of which was spent apparently on chocolate!

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  • Cardiff Met University

Judge’s comments: The upside is that it was recognised that this needed to be done – the downside is the use of an external agency.  This strikes me as being more about corporate desire than a library one.  On the marketing front – the pre and post brand data should have been collected and analysed – so in summation: a well executed rebrand.

  • National Library of Wales

Judge’s comments: Big budget and some big expectations.  DT is a gift – so I would have been disappointed in anything less than a perfect execution here.  From a marketing management perspective it has been well planned and executed and achieved a set of good results – however for me the real extra here is the development of the DT brand – I would have liked to have seen/heard more about this.

  • UWTSD Swansea

Judge’s comments: I love the ‘meet the elves’ component of this campaign – I also like the idea that you have created an excuse for students to use you in social media – with the photo shots… could this be developed further?  You have also created some good and valuable internal marketing with and by including the library teams in the decorating of the space – simple and effective and NO cost.  My only issue here is with the measurement of the activity – how do we really know we raised the profile?  What did we set out to do I wonder – so which bits or all of it will work next time and why?

  • Swansea University

Judge’s comments: Nice bit of guerrilla marketing here – build something on the back of a bigger marketing event – in this case DT100.  The fact that you have a wealth of resources makes this campaign a no brainer and you achieved a good outcome in my mind.  However the real winner for me is the use of OS students in the mix – a valuable way to engage a potential new audience and a very creative way to capture it – makes me think about what else could be done in this vein…