Coleg Sir Gar (Treasure Hunt)

Coleg Sir Gar – Treasure Hunt

An event in the form of a Treasure Hunt Challenge which offered valuable prizes (e-book readers) was felt to be the most innovative way of engaging with a high volume of our users, both learners and tutors. It was felt that this would get users

interacting with the physical and on-line resources available whilst raising their awareness of the Health and Wellbeing

support services available by the teams involved in this collaboration.

The event was held over a two week period in early November 2012. This ensured that we were able to target the widest range of learners, both full and part time; day and evening; and apprentices, some of whom only attend college once every two weeks.

Judge’s Comments

What’s not to like? A treasure hunt  – pirate fancy dress and a set of marketing objectives that were exceeded! A good honest campaign and I congratulate the team for having the confidence to ‘have a go’ – the sustainability aspect that you highlight in your report is the basis for future development of this campaign, but don’t just think about running it again next year – plan now to do it and improve upon your successes. I like the acknowledgement of the social media – but think that you could monitor this better next time…what have people been saying about you? The fact that you stayed in budget was good – but are there areas for future partnership? The relationship with the Scarlet’s for example could be used to ‘up’ the offer? Keeping with the pirate theme – perhaps a chat with Hetherton may be profitable?

Overall – I’m glad that you have come up from below the radar and hope that you have now got a basis to build further marketing activities  – your approach is right – with tight objectives and good measurement – just work on leveraging more value by using partners inside and outside the college – well done.