What are the Marketing Messages?

File Name:          Marketing Message:

Borrow –              Borrow now, pay never – books and internet access for free              

BoyWiz –              From boy wizards to celebrity chefs – the largest selection of bestsellers in wales

Broadband –         Broadband access £0.00 per month – get online for free

Exams –                Helping party animals pass exams – find the best answers, faster

GetBetter –           Don’t just get by, get better – find the best answers, faster

Giggles –               Giggles, dribbles and burps. It must be story time – something for children of all ages

Mates –                 You, your mates and the web – Your library. You’re welcome.

PickUp –               Pick up Cardiff, drop off Caernarfon, no charge – borrow and return books at any library in Wales

Recycling –           Recycling since 1850 – free books, less waste, more trees

Search –                Search engines can’t smile : )  – our staff give you more

Txt –                       ? U goin l8r? 2 da library. C U der? – you, your mates and the internet