Vale of Glamorgan – TeenQuest

The aim of the project is to put in place a scheme aimed at young people aged 11 -14 years who are too old to continue participating in the Summer Reading Challenge. The scheme encourages them to continue using the library as well as attracting other young people to use the library. The scheme also builds on and ties in with our Offer to Schools, a wider initiative to encourage use of the library services by local teachers and pupils, and to keep this challenging age group engaged and interested in relevant library services.

Judge’s comments:

Another entry that scored high on originality. A tough brief again with objectives (these really should be SMART) that focus upon a hard to reach audience. The outcomes were encouraging with new members being attracted to the library service and I think very encouraging was the fact that some young people want to create their own material. Perhaps partnerships could be used more effectively moving forward and with a good reflection and some adjustments (that the team are aware of) this is a very sustainable concept.

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