Torfaen – Digital Literacy Skills by Stealth

The key aim of the project is to highlight that libraries have a great deal to offer, other than the traditional book-lending image that appears to prevail, and to raise digital literacy skills by utilising computers to meet customers’ requirements. The project consists of a number of different schemes, and these have enabled the library to attract both regular users of the library to the electronic environment that modern libraries are now encompassing, and also many new customers new to the library altogether who have heard of the lessons and events by word of mouth.

Judge’ s comments:

A nice illustration of what is known in marketing as an ‘IMC’ (Integrated Marketing Campaign). Building on existing activity the campaign pulls together a host of other similar activities from other organisations: BBC, Museum and Learn Direct etc. I think the target audience in the main is interesting – in that the focus appears to be towards the ‘older’ user – and this strikes me as a really good market to develop – As the use of technology may not be particularly high but the ability (once shown) is. So good links with existing campaigns wins a high grade as does the sustainable nature of the campaign.

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