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In order to ensure that the marketing strategy for their events programme continued to evolve and improve, Cardiff Central Library decided to carry out an audit and evaluation of their current position. In order to help achieve this a secret shopper exercise was conducted in July 2011 to measure the knowledge and engagement of their staff.

The results were clearly mixed and demonstrated a definite lack of engagement from some areas of the service. This could not be seen as a failing by the staff members concerned – this was the result of a flawedcommunication strategy.

As a result, it was decided that internal marketing was therefore essential to the future success of the events programme. They realised that knowledge is power and a well informed member of staff is a powerful marketing tool. They decided to develop a Staff Awareness pack that would be issued to staff prior to each event. The overriding aim of the Staff Awareness packs was the development of staff as advocates for the service and the events programme in particular.

Judge’ s comments:

This entry was a difficult one to judge. Was it in the spirit of the awards? Was it really a marketing campaign? Well I thought yes – internal marketing is integral to making any marketing activity work within the organisation and is so often overlooked (especially in the commercial world) – so this entry really caught my attention. The strategy, aim and objectives all illustrated high level marketing management thinking. The operation was carried out with a high degree of professionalism and the outcomes measured in meaningful ways to ensure the on-going development of the wider marketing activity. I would recommend that this submission be used as a case study on best practice and would also make the suggestion that this could be an entry for the CANMOL awards.

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