Bridgend 2 – Secret Garden

The Bridgend Secret Garden Party was organised by Bridgend Library Service, Bridgend Arts and Community Development in partnership with Bauhaus Coffee Shop. The events took place during evenings of the summer months of June, July and August. A wide range of home-grown talent was on offer, including poets and acoustic musicians.

The aim of these events was to use the town centre library as a platform and focal point for local young people to showcase spoken word and acoustic talent. To attract traditional non-users and to showcase the library as a relevant public space for everyone.

Local performers were invited to perform a mixture of spoken word and acoustic music at three events held during the summer months. The evenings were hosted by comperes Mike Church and Jason Camilleri who added to the dynamic of the events.

Judge’ s comments:

High grades for originality and partnerships with this entry and if there had been a grade for community feedback it would have scored high there too! A really interesting project that clearly caught the imagination of the participants and the audience. I was at a loss however to work out why: Secret Garden Party? I thought the use of social media was excellent and the potential for developing this further in future years is strong – indeed the attendance numbers are likely to grow further over time and the measurement of the success of the initiative is likely to be achieved in the longer, rather than, short term.. A good campaign/project to raise awareness of the library service and clearly welcomed by both the participants and the community.

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  • Bridgend 2 - Secret Garden

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