Bridgend 1 – Reading is Fun! programme

Inspired by Michael Rosens reading is Fun campaign, Bridgend libraries decided that junior non-users would be targeted, and they used this tag in their work with young people.

Thanks to a grant from Basic Skills Cymru in 2010/11 Bridgend Libraries in partnership with the Bridgend basic Skills Management Team organised a programme of events aimed at Boys with reading and literacy needs. They wanted to help boys in Bridgend County Borough acquire the reading habit and to show them that reading can be associated with fun activities that are relevant to their lives. The Basic Skills management Team identified four schools who they felt would benefit from the programme and teachers identified boys from years 5/6. A member of library staff then created and co-ordinated a programme of events. The programme culminated in a penalty-shoot out quiz, based on a concept devised by author Tom Palmer.

Judge’s comments:

Again a campaign aimed at the young male non user (non-reader) and valuable for that reason alone. The submission achieved a number of high grade areas including: originality (the shoot out concept is I think novel here), the leverage of partnerships (especially with the schools) and of course the sustainability angle (with a waiting list of schools who want to be involved). I look forward to perhaps seeing a development of this in next years competition but would like to have seen some firm objectives and of course some outcome measures.

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