Joint Marketing Results

Marketing Awards 2014: Results & Judge’s Comments

Winning Entry

Cardiff – Japan Day
Cardiff has done it again! – a high quality demonstration of how to do marketing by using user groups and available contacts.  Your ability to leverage contacts is always impressive but your really do make the most of them – OK Cardiff is a major European City these days and that status comes with a lot of accessibility (and population) – and we have to take that into consideration . I said this last year so I will again say it: Yet again your entry will enter my collection of marketing excellent case studies – it illustrates the power of the collaborative economy. Finally – and I know I have said this before too:   the fact that you also market internally is an illustration of excellent marketing management – the development of the staff guides would be highly commendable in any sphere. 

Carmarthenshire – Geocache
There are several aspects of this entry that I really like and that represent therefore great marketing. The key element here is the integration of an activity within the library and then transferring that to the great outdoors. The concept and indeed activity of geocaching is a growing one and is very appealing to the tech savvy audience (in my day it was called orienteering and we used a map!).  However I’m left wondering what the objectives were and what you felt the successful elements were – OK you most certainly raised profile and you got people involved but what was the cost? Overall:  I really hope that you build upon this campaign in future years and develop a set of meaningful measurements to support what is an excellent basis for future development.

NPTC – Take Control of your Life
An entry that has much to commend it – the enthusiasm that you created was obvious. You stated that you wanted to achieve a number of disparate activities – I would have liked to have had these detailed out a little more – so I would like you to have used SMART framework to both plan and assess the activities – as without these it is difficult to assess the success or not of the campaign.

North Wales Partnership Group – Planting for Pollinators
What an interesting entry and in many ways a very good strategic entry. The success of the project has to be the wide range of relationships with partners that you have made and of course the engagement with the youth groups. So for me that was the key objective that you set out to achieve – and you did achieve it! In classical marketing terms you should have thought about the objectives here in measurable terms – but this was not a classic marketing campaign. Therefore as such I think you have the basis of something special for the next marketing awards – that is how will you now develop these links and relationships further and most importantly link the activity this year to the library activity…Overall: you have a great platform of relationships to build upon and thank you for making your part of Wales even more wonderful!

Cardiff – Croeso
Cardiff has done it again…again! All of the above plus: the key aspect here was the relationship with the University and the EU. I can see that the Uni link is critical – but was there an opportunity lost to link with the Uni library too? And will the 2014 event be open to Cardiff Met and USW students? Is there a wider opportunity to create a South wales wide activity here across all libraries on the same date/time…now that would be interesting? Most impressive aspect has got to be the vision of a line of students waiting to sign up for library membership!

  • Cardiff – Japan Day

  • Carmarthenshire - Geocache

  • NPTC – Take Control of your Life

  • North Wales Partnership Group – Planting for Pollinators

  • Cardiff – Croeso