Higher Education Library Results

Winning Entry

  • Cardiff Met University  I love Doc Del

There are several things I like and commend about this entry:

  1. The entry itself is very well presented – this is the level of administration that really needs to go into a marketing campaign in order to assess its value and business outcomes – the use of stats and costing are really encouraging to see here.
  2. The creative aspect of the campaign was very good – simple but effective – the tie in to Valentines Day is a good one and the: I ‘heart’ concept is universally known – so why not use it!
  3. The very simple but rather effective capture of feedback was nice to see and complimented the tie in to the: I ‘heart’ execution.
  4. I welcome the fact that you have re-run the event several times – again a great marketing strategy – it not only uses the knowledge that you have gained and the materials that you have bought but it adds to the cumulative effect of the campaign.

Overall: well done a case study in marketing management.

Other Entries

Aberystwyth – Facebook
I really enjoyed reading this entry – the first person perspective was nice as it allowed the flow of thought to be illustrated. Within this flow I have to say that you captured most of the key elements of a good strategy: objectives, strategy, tactics and action – with feedback. I think that you have achieved a great deal through the use of social media here – however my only thought would be the pressure of maintaining the activity for you personally and the sustainability of it over the longer term. But – given these caveats  – I congratulate you on offering the students a top level service and importantly offering the staff a quality service too – well done.

Swansea – Mind your head
Some very nice features are evident in this entry – the partnering with wellbeing being the key factor. As an event it looked good and clearly attracted a good number of visitors – but I’m left wondering if a) you were expecting more (less)? And were these (as your objectives set out) new visitors to the library? – which throws up the issue of being able to set clear objectives, and then measure against these to assess success or not. I was interested to read that (or so it appears) – wellbeing type texts are not normally stocked in the library – this I think is a key and important factor of your event outcome – should they be stocked? Overall: I liked the style and partnership elements of the event – but would have liked to have seen some firmer objectives and measured outcomes – but the event is a great platform for future thought and activity.

Cardiff University – Stress
OK – a rather confused entry in my mind. You evidence the event with photos and the twitter feed but I’m a little lost with the objectives and outcomes. However the event looked like it was well organised and there were some very good illustrations of Integrated Marketing Communications – with the use of the stress balls and supporting materials from the ‘Get Reading…’ campaign. Overall: the entry really needs some structure and I would have liked to have seen what your objectives were and the outcome you had.