Further Education Library Results

Marketing Awards 2014: Results & Judge’s Comments

Winning Entry

  • NPTC – Your Library your Choice

Simple! A campaign that does what it says on the box. This is a very good illustration of both an excellent entry and of course an excellent concept. You state clearly what you are going to do and why – and what audience your target is. Then you review the activity very well and I like to see the reflective nature of this – you learn from the good aspects and think of improvements. Overall: a focused campaign that achieved real and measurable results and one that was very cost effective – well done!

Highly Commended

  • Coleg Sir Gar – Zap the App

Firstly a comment about the submission of this entry – I like it! I’m not normally won over by style over substance but in this case you have combined both and presented a really good submission to the awards. The project here – and it was more of a project than a marketing event/campaign was neatly handled and given the complexity of both the partnerships and the technology was project managed very effectively – so well done! As for the outcomes./success. Well, clearly there are significant future benefits from this exercise and in that case a sustainability factor. However I would have liked to have seen some hard figures attached to the project – which are pretty easy to capture given the technology platform: so how many users? How many visits? What was the traffic flow? Overall: a valuable project for the college and excellent illustrations of partnership development – but from a business perspective, given the likely investment it would have been good to see success evidenced.

Other Entries

NPTC – Heroes and Villains
Another simple but effective campaign,  again the aims were clear – the objective to expose students to fiction as opposed to ‘just’ course texts. I wanted to know more about the T shirt design and also the cost of the event within your submission – that way the ‘cost’ of success could be much better determined in my mind. The fact that you received 41 entries was interesting…were you expecting more? So again this illustrates the need to set firm and measurable objectives as measuring ‘profile’ is both difficult and costly. Overall: one of those entries that should be a good platform for future development.

Cardiff and the Vale – IT Club
A nice collaboration between the library and the IT department here – so well done. A clear – but not measurable – focus on an audience, which was good to see as you were at least able to identify if the campaign was attracting the target audience throughout.  However – you fall short as with many other entries this year (across the awards) by failing to make the objectives SMART and therefore the outcomes are not measurable and thus the success of the activity is hard to gauge. Having said that the thrust of the campaign is without question of value and clearly identifies a need – which may be a valuable basis for further development (against which you could measure success).