Swansea University – Love Your Library Day


Love Your Library Day was held on the 14th February 2011 in the main Library of Swansea University on the Singleton Campus. The day helped gather feedback from customers (both good and bad) about their library service through using innovative text and tweet walls as well as more traditional methods. Their aim was to create a friendly and fun environment in the library.

It was also an opportunity to invite University staff and students to the launch of the library’s new study skills tool the Assignment Survival Kit (ASK). Users were able to try out this new online tool themselves in our PC room whilst enjoying cakes and refreshments, it was also a great opportunity to meet their Subject Librarians and other members of the Library & Information Services Team.

Swansea University won the Higher Education category.

Judge’s Comments

“A clear strategy was developed with a very clever value proposition attached. The strategy of the campaign had at its heart a clear and emotive ‘call to action’: Love your library – and again this emotive tied into an ongoing marketing extravaganza – namely St Valentines Day! The team clearly fully participated in the campaign and as ‘customer facing’ they were the public face of the marketing effort (organisations too often forget that people are at the heart of excellent marketing and everyone in an organisation is in fact a marketer) – in fact the enthusiasm is clear and will have left a lasting impression on users during the event. On the basis of this effort the library launched the ASK ‘product. This type of offer demonstrates a clear understanding of the needs of the user and is fully sustainable and replicable. I think the range of feedback mechanisms are worthy of comment and praise – again recognising that different audiences (users) will want to use different types of media…I especially liked the ‘wordle cake’.”

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