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The main reason for setting up the blog was primarily to promote the services and resources of the University libraries. As well as reaching their current students and staff, it would be a wonderful opportunity to market themselves to everybody – including potential students and external users. Due to the vast increase in the use of social networking sites in recent years, it was felt that their customers were exactly the right demographic to target in this manner.

Judge’s Comments

“This entry again used the ‘Fancy That’ campaign as a basis for developing their own context – they also tapped into the Valentine’s Day fever – both great ways to boost a campaign if you have a limited budget and/or want to use emotive reasoning to attract new users. The development of the blog and the tie in with ‘love’ was well thought through and executed – and is a very good way to gather feedback about the offer using a media that is used by the target audience. Increasingly large firms are using this type of marketing method to have a ‘conversation’ with customers and then integrate blogs etc with other social media. Upon reading the blog I wanted to make a few comments myself – and I think the ‘what I’m reading’ type thread was very readable and used well by the blogger to direct readers to library stock (in marketing this is a version of up-selling).”

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