Powys 2 – Fancy That… join the library and get a free sports voucher


This initiative, held in conjunction with Powys Health and Leisure services, aimed to attract new users for both services, and to raise their profile in their communities. Every person joining the library between 20th and 30th January 2011 received a free voucher for any racquet sport session at their local leisure centre. As a result, they attracted 155 new members to their library service.

Powys (2) were awarded Second Place out of the Public Libraries in the competition.

Judge’s Comments:

A simple but effective marketing campaign that use the ‘Fancy That’ concept as a basis for developing an integrated campaign with partnerships from other areas of the council offer – in this case the Health and Leisure Services. A good and robust objective was formulated and clearly achieved. Cost effective and sustainable. Just goes to show that good simple and clear marketing ideas, articulated well and with visible value for the user will work every time.

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  • Powys 2 - Fancy That... join the library and get a free sports voucher

  • Powys 2 - 2011 - Campaign Publicity Material