Powys 1 – Summer Reading Challenge Participation


Powys Library and Schools Library Service staff worked closely with teaching colleagues in local schools to enrol pupils as members of the public library and summer reading challenge. They built on their existing good working relationship with the schools, by taking the Bookrunner children’s mobile library to them to enrol the children in the game, and allowing the children to borrow one book each on a special class ticket, which then had to be taken back to the public library to continue with the challenge. Those not already members would need to join the library at this point, thus attracting new audiences.

Judge’s Comments

“A sound marketing activity here – good clear objectives (linked to the Summer Reading Challenge) and ones that are highly targeted at a specific audience. The use of partners in the campaign is central to the success of this initiative and evidence suggests that such partnerships have worked well and will be sustainable in the longer term. Having set clear objectives the evaluation of the activity is equally clear and shows success.”

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  • Powys 1 - Summer Reading Challenge Participation

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