Neath Port Talbot – Various Events/Activities


The Neath Port Talbot entry for 2010-2011 contained a vast selection of activities for their customers. These included events such as ‘Meet the Author’ days, events held in support of Adult Learners Week, Summer events, and events for their junior readers during their ‘Children’s Month’.

Judge’s Comments

A multi level campaign entry – with lots of activities and lots of quite well defined target audiences. The process of taking the library ‘out’ to meet the community has great merit and should be supported. Likewise the ‘meet the author’ events are a good exercise in leveraging value from partners. I would suggest that future activities are built from a thorough review of the events of 2010 and a focus brought to their execution. Highly targeted concepts with a clear value for participants can be easily communicated and will gain attention.

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  • Neath Port Talbot - Various Events/Activities