Coleg Powys – Food for Thought


As part of the Libraries for Life Winter Marketing Campaign, Coleg Powys held cookery demonstrations in the Learning Resources Centres at Brecon, Llandrindod Wells, Newtown and in the foyer at their Saturday Open Day in Newtown. The theme of the demonstrations was Fancy That …Students who use the library get success in their courses. The demonstrations focussed on the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast to increase concentration and well-being. Students, staff and visitors enjoyed the tasting session and were able to browse through the displayed range of cookery and life skills books. The aim was to link the use of libraries to course success through resources that supported the curriculum, life skills -reading books to alter your mood linking to the reading agency’s mood boosting books promotion, cookery books and healthy living.

Judge’s Comments

“A simple execution tied into the existing campaign of the Libraries for Life. A good illustration of using existing events (the open day) to leverage visits and attention – in essence: you piggy back on someone else’s effort. Following this up with post event news/photos will ensure a bigger hit for the effort and in this case the use of social media enhanced the traditional media success.”

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  • Coleg Powys - Food for Thought

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