Coleg Harlech – Text Wall


The aim of this event was to encourage students/tutors to share information about ‘passing exams’ and other aspects of College life by texting their tips to the text wall. The two day event also promoted research, books, E resources, Internet Access, Staff Knowledge and Expertise.

Judge’s Comments

“This campaign tapped into two key marketing aspects:

1.) The use of existing marketing efforts ( the Fancy That campaign) and
2.) The use of a media that was attractive to existing and potential users (the target market)

I think there was a third and most probably more valuable aspect too – which was the collection of valuable insight into the attitudes and behaviours of the participants. The event also highlights the use that can be made of ‘borrowed’ resources – in this case some of the technology. Mind mapping (and wordle) typology creates both value for the user and the library – again an essential in marketing: creating something of value for the user by involving the user in the creation of value.”

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