Cardiff University – Ask a Librarian Live: Pilot Enquiry Service


Cardiff University’s pilot project aims to take advantage of the ever evolving social tools and communication technologies by offering something new to their library users – flexible, one-to-one advice and assistance provided by dedicated, approachable library staff, online and in real time. ‘Ask a Librarian live’ provides users with the opportunity to communicate directly with library staff at their point of need, wherever they are. Questions about our resources and services are answered instantly and the service is available to a variety of users with different needs and requirements. The service can be used from any computer with a web browser.

Judge’s Comments

“The use of technology and media that the user is familiar with is essential for the development of meaningful value and this campaign clearly understood this fact. The ability for a user to access a librarian in ‘real time’ but remotely is a clear service enhancement…if potentially costly. As an extension to a service then, this is a valuable development – however it is interesting to note that the project is still in a stage of development and that the top query concerns access information (PIN numbers). ”

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  • Cardiff University - Ask a Librarian Live: Pilot Enquiry Service

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