Caerphilly – Book Doctor


The idea for this campaign was developed after library staff recognized a gap in reader development activity within Caerphilly Library Service. They realized that there was a lot of potential in the harnessing of technological advances to increase the range of customer reading choices, which lead to “The Book Doctor” website.

Judge’s Comments

The ‘Book Doctor’ has all the hallmarks of a great brand – clear and memorable name and a visual that is both appealing and can be developed with further characterisation to suit target audiences. The objectives of the campaign are acknowledged to be bread at this point but the team suggest that clarity is evolving around the concept. Good understanding of the power of ‘word of mouth’ for the target audience but overlooks the importance of social media for this market. I look forward to watching how this concept is further developed – it has potential for wider use and has all the right elements of a potential future winner!

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