Aberystwyth University – Bean Bag Inductions


The main objective of this campaign was to ensure that students’ first experiences of the library is informative but also enjoyable and engaging so that their associations with the building and resources are positive right from the start. By taking into account feedback and suggestions they’d received, it was decided that the library would move from induction time spent just giving facts to time spent welcoming people to library services and creating relationships, making themselves known to students, and in return gaining useful information from them about their skills, needs, and fears.

Judge’s Comments

“Technically a first class marketing campaign – all the elements were thought through and a strategy established based on target audience and needs and good measurements were established in order to assess the success of the effort. The concept of changing a visitor’s perception of the library by simply changing one aspect of the physical space was well executed and clearly well received and enjoyed. The use of bean bags to make the audience think differently of the service and to make impact for the IS induction was well executed. The use then of the ‘custom’ film within this event was also good. Having risen the expectation however I question how sustainable the offer is going to be as the bean bags were borrowed? But the film will retain value and is replicable throughout the sector as an illustration of ‘best’ practice.”

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