Flintshire Libraries (Kids Take over the Library)

Flintshire Libraries – Kids Take Over the Library

Flintshire Library and Information Service are seeking to market library

services to children more effectively.

The traditional model of a Children’s Book Festival, where a sequence of class

visits from local schools might be invited to meet an author, has limitations.

Class visits are an easy target for library services, given that the schools can

supply a captive audience. However the enforced nature of the children’s

attendance can be counter productive and in some cases actively deter future

library use. The library can suffer from being too firmly identified as an

establishment activity.

A more innovative concept attracting children outside of school hours was

required. For one day, in half term, a busy town library was given over entirely

to children.

A range of activities were provided, within the library, linked by a children only

core library service – no unaccompanied adults were permitted into the library

Judge’s Comments

A really innovative approach to an old problem about getting children into the library and also the negative issues surrounding ‘class visits’. This shows some really good strategic marketing thinking here and well done for the effort. It sounded like quite a day! A few marketing issued remain however. I would like you to have compiled a short but SMART set of objectives – this would have allowed you to measure your progress against effort and budget. The PR opportunity appears to have been missed (but I hope that is also in the plan for next year) and some monitoring of social media would have been interesting. However – it was innovative and if the objective was to create a positive ‘word of mouth’ campaign communicated by a community of interest (children) then I bet you achieved it!