Cardiff Libraries (Breakfast Club)

Cardiff Library – The Breakfast Club

In 2012 a member of staff at Cardiff Library received Read Aloud training and it was at this point that it was decided to target this user group.

A small group of homeless people would be brought together to form a Get into Reading group.  Attendees would be invited from tresilian Terrace – a local hostel.

The group met at the library on a weekly basis.  The group read out loud, but were not pressurised to do so.  The reading material ranges from quick reads, poetry, first chapters of books, magazines, newspapers etc.  Breakfast was also offered as a means of attracting an audience.

Judge’s Comments

So innovative it hurts! Yet another excellent entry from Cardiff – you identify a new audience and set about offering a value proposition that would appeal and most importantly acknowledge the difficulties in attracting this audience. You clearly have made robust and valuable partnerships both in service provision and the commercial world ( I wonder if the link with Greggs could be developed to enable the scheme to roll out elsewhere?). On the marketing strategy front: you do set meaningful objectives but they are not strictly SMART. Good to see social media being used and you have achieved some great PR – I hope that you have planned to widen this to the local/national press.