Bridgend Libraries (Big Scary Stories)

Bridgend Library – Big Scary Stories

To reach our target audience we decided to take the library service out onto the streets and

into the shops of Bridgend town centre. To attract the most footfall it was decided that the

event would take place during the half term holiday and would coincide with Halloween.

Halloween has become increasingly popular in recent years with children dressing up and

participating in celebrations more so than ever. With this in mind an event was planned to

include maximum Halloween experience.

Judge’s Comments

A really innovative approach taken to marketing the service within this entry and a good exemplar of how to partner with local community businesses. The strategy was well developed however I would like to have seen some clear objectives from the start – I did get the outcomes but were these the ones you were aiming at? On the positive – I think you have nailed the identification and attraction of the target audience and have also innovatively set about creating a value proposition that has meaning within that audience (and the parents of that audience). The aim to raise profile is one that is the most difficult to measure of course – however it strikes me that your event will have done that both within the identified target group and the local community. Some good use of publicity – however it is the partnering that really wins out and I think the enthusiasm of the staff!