Following a procurement process, the ‘E-books for Wales’ service will be changing supplier for e-books. From 1st May, the new all-Wales service will be BorrowBox, and this will include e-books in Welsh and English and e-audio books, for adults, children and young people, all from one website. The range of stock will increase dramatically, and there is also an app for users of mobile devices.


Library members who currently use the ‘E-books for Wales’ service should register on BorrowBox with their Welsh public library card as the current service ends on 30 April 2018. Click on the link to go to the BorrowBox page for your local authority and join the service from there. You can do this now and do not need to wait until 1st May to join. As with the original e-book service, all the e-books and e-audio books are free to download. You can borrow up to 10 e-books and 10 e-audio books at one time, and can return books earlier than the usual loan period of 21 days. You can also download books whilst you are abroad. You can find the free app called ‘BorrowBox’ from your preferred app store, and it is available for Android and Apple devices.


If you currently have e-books on loan with the service which is ending, you can finish your loan period even if this goes beyond 1st May. Unfortunately, any reservations on titles in the current service cannot be automatically migrated across to the new system so you will need to reserve items again in BorrowBox. Welsh libraries apologise for this inconvenience.


We hope you enjoy using the new expanded service and the much larger range of titles and authors which will be available.

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