Information Literacy in Schools

Information Literacy in Schools

What is Information Literacy

Information Literacy in Schools

“Too many digital natives do not apply checks on the information they access: around one in four 12-15 year olds make no checks at all when visiting a new website, and less than one in ten ask who made the site and why” (Bartlett & Miller, 2011, p.5)


Information Literacy empowers school students to navigate the changing information landscape. 

Curriculum development in Wales emphasises independent and lifelong learning and developing cross-curricular skills for future education and employment. We believe information literacy is the foundation for independent lifelong learning and will support students throughout school, into further and higher education and the workplace. 

This section of the website is dedicated to the advocacy of information literacy in schools. We hope that you will find the resources and research gathered here useful. 


Information Literacy: Key Benefits for Schools

Information literacy:

  • Supports independent learning017042b391
  • Delivers areas of the Skills Framework for 3 to 19-year-olds
  • Supports transition between key stages and sectors
  • Reinforces literacy skills
  • Empowers students to become digitally included
  • Is essential for E-safety
  • Enables students to avoid plagiarism
  • Promotes the development of citizenship skills 

For further information on these key benefits for schools, please see the Schools Advocacy Resources listed below.

We believe that collaboration between teachers and librarians (in school libraries, school library services and public libraries) can effectively embed information literacy within the school curriculum. For examples of information literacy practice, see Schools Case Studies

“Effective collaboration is needed to ensure that both teachers and professional librarians are aiming towards the same shared vision to equip students with the skills to use information to make decisions and solve problems in school and in all other avenues of life”. (Williams, Wavell, 2006, p.55) 

School Advocacy Resources

These resources can be used to promote information literacy to school librarians, school library workers, teachers and students on initial teacher training.

You can also find up to date information and news on IL in Schools with the WILP School IL Champions monthly mailshot and the project Scoopit! page

The following presentation and infographic outlines the benefits of information literacy within schools. 

Information Literacy in Schools

Mapping National Literacy and Numeracy Framework to WILP

Infographic Information Literacy Benefits for schools

The following leaflet outlines the benefits of information literacy within schools.

If you would like printed copies of the leaflet, please contact us.

Information literacy benefits for schools

Llythrennedd gwybodaeth buddion i ysgolion

The following presentation is specifically aimed at promoting information literacy to students on initial teacher training.

Ysgolion cyflwyniad ar gyfer hyfforddiant cychwynnol athrawon

Information literacy for initial teacher training

Useful Resources

Information Literacy

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Information Literacy Website – Schools

Journal of Information Literacy – International, peer reviewed journal 

School Library Association – Information Literacy Page

School Libraries Group (CILIP)

CoPILOT (Community of Practice for Information Literacy Online Teaching)

Heart of the School Blog

Child Safety Online – Guide to Protecting Children Online

The Hwb – All Wales Learning Platform (previously NgFL Cymru).

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