Digital Inclusion

This section highlights the importance of information literacy for digital inclusion. The majority of digitally excluded people in Wales are disempowered due to a lack of skills and confidence. This skills gap is information literacy based.
An information literate person can find, evaluate and communicate information using digital means – they are digitally included and able to benefit from the financial, economic and social advantages the internet can offer.
Libraries have a crucial role in enabling people to develop the information literacy skills to become digitally included. Public libraries in particular enjoy a position of trust amongst their local communities and are therefore ideally placed to support people in their communities to become digitally empowered. Through the project network of information literacy champions, we regularly ask for updates on digital inclusion and skills support in their associated libraries. See the updates report for Summer 2013 below.

Digital Inclusion Feedback

Digital Inclusion Response 07

This document was the agreed response by the Welsh Information Literacy Project to the Welsh Assembly Government’s Digital Inclusion Framework consultation


Summer 2013 – Digital inclusion activities in public libraries to support job seekers and universal credit changes

Digital Wales

Digital Wales (Delivering a Digital Wales) is the Welsh Government’s agenda for creating a digital nation. The aim is for everyone across Wales to enjoy the advantages of digital technologies, creating a digitally inclusive nation. You can collaborate with other interested groups in the Digital Inclusion Stakeholder Forum. This includes ensuring Welsh people acquire the necessary digital literacy skills to effectively use digital technologies. The digital literacy skills highlighted within the agenda are intrinsically linked to or based upon information literacy. In order to achieve the Digital Wales objectives, the Welsh Government is working in partnership with other organisations and services including the library sector.  

The Welsh Information Literacy Project is one of the projects supporting and helping to deliver the Digital Wales agenda objectives. In particular the project’s work supports the Digital Wales goals outlined in Delivering a Digital Wales of embedding digital literacy within formal and informal education (see Information literacy in schools) and developing a digitally literate workforce, enhancing the competitiveness of Welsh businesses (see Information literacy in the workplace).