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Welcome to the Welsh Information Literacy Project

The project aims to promote the understanding and development of information literacy in education, the workplace, and the wider community in Wales.

Most importantly, We wish to represent and reflect the views of information literacy professionals across Wales. Full contact details can also be found on this website and we look forward to hearing from you.

An Information Literacy Statement for Wales

An Information Literacy Statement for Wales Inspired by the Gregynog Conference, 2009

This statement was agreed by the project’s cross-sector steering group on 18 June 2010

“As humans, we like to find out about things – whether that’s information about our next holiday destination or a health condition. Being able to use different ways of finding information and being able to judge whether the information is trustworthy or accurate is vital: it opens up choices, empowers us and can give us more confidence. This is information literacy.

Empowering individuals to seek, find and use the information they need to help them achieve their goals fosters an information literate population. This can lead to social and economic benefits to the Welsh nation.

Librarians in Wales have come together to focus on information literacy and would welcome working with other partners to achieve this goal. This statement is the first step towards an information literacy framework for Wales, and ultimately, an information literate nation.”